Food in Montanita

Montañita is within Ecuador a beach paradise that offers beauty, delicious cuisine and fun, both day and night. The ideal place to visit with friends or family, as long as the traveler is willing to walk through its streets full of people, crafts and music.

Located in Santa Elena, it is the preferred destination for national and foreign tourists who seek strong emotions in adventure tourism and nightlife. Here we find people of different nationalities of the world, in a town that combines modern buildings with local materials, such as wood and cade, which forms a landscape full of structural and cultural nuances.
The Montañita commune is recognized by the settlement of the Valdivia culture, 3,500 years BC. reason why they have the famous and famous statuette of “The Venus of Valdivia” that represents it. It is also recognized for being a leading surfing destination, dating back approximately 40 years.

Surf in Montanita

The imposing waves amazed surfers from all over the world and captivated the riskiest representatives of this sport.
What was originally a virgin place, known to few, soon became one of the most visited places by hikers in South America, who began to explore, discover the charm of this destination and share it with others.

The gastronomy of the “City of Surf” is rich in all kinds of seafood. Here you can combine typical dishes prepared with quality and traditional seasoning; as well as international techniques to prepare dishes made with shrimp, squid, octopus, prawns, among others.

In its streets, the food stalls have a wide range of cebiches, which are sold in colorful wheelbarrows that attract the attention of those who see them.
Oysters, shells, shrimp, fish, octopus and mixed are the variety on offer and combine the flavors of the sea with the secret flavors of its people. One of the most requested dishes is steamed or fried Camotillo. Its cost is at $ 8.00.
Montañita never sleeps and it is at night where the movement is concentrated around its bars and discos that offer a variety of music, cocktails and all kinds of atmospheres to enjoy the good party.

Source: El Universo

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