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Hello! We warmly welcome you to our blog. Here you will be able to know the latest news, events, tips and advice so that your stay with us in Montañita is as comfortable and pleasant as possible, meeting all your expectations.

Now we would like to tell you a little about us …

Harmony Lodge was born together with Montañita and its immersive landscapes. The beach atmosphere and the privileged panoramic view of the entire Montañita beach and its commune inspired Eng. Mario Rosero, our founder, to share the magic that surrounds Montañita.

The best way to achieve the latter was by creating a family space where natural elements originating in the area are used, such as its plants and trees, its materials, such as the shell stone from which the walls of our cabins are made and which in harmony with the cherry wood they form our cabins and rooms.

It is for this reason that when our friends stay with us they automatically feel that they are really out of town, that they are really on the beach, that they are really on vacation, because wherever they look they will find a harmony between the elements that make up its surroundings and the sound of the sea, the landscape, the food and the wind complete the beach experience totally.

You can also come and stimulate your five senses with the experience that we offer you at Armonía Lodge.

We will be happy to meet you, receive you and pamper you.

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